The Lazy Girlfriend’s Guide to Valentine’s Day Dinner: Easy Recipes That Look Impressive

How_to_do_valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day comes in HOT after the Christmas crazies. That oh-so-emotional holiday where you’re expected to shower your beloved with tasty treats. Even if you aren’t romantically linked, it’s still a day for eating well (you’re worth it!). The best part is that cooking for the day doesn’t have to be a chore. In fact, with a little planning, you can cook up some romance at home. Not sure if you’re ready (or able) to treat your partner to a fancy romantic dinner for two in? That’s why we’re here! Whether you’re a newbie to cooking or just lazy, you can have your guy eating out of the palm of your hand on Valentine’s Day with any of these three easy AF recipes. They require little and look and taste utterly AMAZING.

Italian Delights

The 3 ingredient eggplant parmesan is another tantalizingly tempting dish. Dish it up on bread or over pasta and enjoy the uniquely memorable flavor that’s SUPER simple to make. Like so simple! I mean it has 3 ingredients. 

The second is bubby’s saucy meatballs. This dish is saucy AF and full of flavor. It has an inherent sensuousness to it and feels indulgent just looking at it. Serve with pasta or on garlic bread and watch your sweetie swoon!

Sexy Seafood

Easier shrimp saganaki gets its flavor from Feta and fresh herbs mixed with the tomato sauce. It’s tasty AF and looks like you spent a ton of time on prep but the secret is splurge on a very solid jar of tomato sauce and some fancy feta (the one that comes in brick and is probably from Greece).

Simple restaurant-style rosemary salmon gets its marvelous flavor from the fresh rosemary and blend of olive oil and butter and is perfect on a bed of rice or with potatoes. This salmon dish is soooo simple and restaurant quality. 

If you’re craving a bit of spice, fresh garlic, dijon mustard, and grated lemon zest come together for a tasty treat with panko crusted salmon. And it’s a simple bake and eat! 

Not Your Classic Chicken

Fried spicy chicken sando is rich and savory with a paprika honey butter that sets the flavor apart from any other dish. Not your typical valentine’s day dinner but treat yo self!! It is a holiday. 

For something lighter, there’s suki zuki copy chicken teriyaki salad that is better than the OG. There are a few extra steps to preparing a dish with cooked and cold, but the results are more than worth it and the dressing would be tasty on a flip flop. 

Bold Beef

Braised beef short ribs are another show-stopper. The flavor for this meal comes from the bottle of burgundy, cotes du rhone, chianti, or other dry red wine that forms the basis of the sauce. Be sure to serve it up with a wine that matches the bottle you cook with. These are a little more ambitious- you’ve been warned! 

Add Wine and Chocolate (always!)

Serve any of these tasty meals with a nice bottle of wine (or two) and a box of chocolates. Voila … a Valentine’s Day to remember! Or make your better half get dessert, I mean you did cook. 

Have a recipe or romance tip of your own to share? Post it in the comments section below!