Our 7 Favorite Mini Cooking Utensils


Why? Because why the HELL not! Minis bring SO MUCH JOY!  These utensils are just so freaking cute and adorable and tiny and can actually be used in the kitchen as valuable tools. 

If mini things aren’t your thing go read about compound butter, but for now, we are going to gush over the internet’s best MINI cooking utensils. 

1.Mini Box Grater 

First of all, just look at it! Freaking ADORABLE! These Mini Stainless Steel Graters are great for grating garlic, ginger, and cheese. Each mini grater has four functional sides with unique shredding patterns, a perfect tool for multitasking in the kitchen, and even better for thriving in mini world.   

2.Mini Whisk 

This whisk is the smallest sous chef you ever had! Amazing for beating eggs, butter, powdered sugar, and fresh cream. Perfect for whisking shiz up for a small group or just you (the person you cook for the most).

3. Mini Spatula 

This little guy is BFFs with our mini whisk, he gets in every little nook and cranny. He can do anything…well anything small.  

4. Mini Waffle Maker 

What’s just as good as mini utensils? Mini foods! We love eating mini waffles because they make us feel giant and get so damn crispy. These guys are all over Tik Tok and they cook things FAST!  

5. Mini Saute Pan 

Cooking an egg for one? This mini pan fits that bill and brings us SO. MUCH. JOY because it’s miniature. Duh! So easy to lift and clean and of course it’s tortilla size- perfect for TACOO Tuesday! I’ll drink a margarita to that! 

6. Mini Cocotte

Mini cakes? I mean HELL yes! Useful for making mini cornbreads, baked eggs, or individual dessert skillets. Getting your own chocolate chip cookie coccette is WINNING at life! You can basically make any of your favorite dishes miniature in this bebe (Moira Rose pronunciation) 

7. Mini Offset Spatula 

These little dudes are perfect for icing cakes, spreading jam, and spreading out even layers in any layered dish. We use this one daily. 

In conclusion, we obviously love mini shit and hope you do too! Let us know in the comments your favorite mini cooking gadget.