16 Kitchen Gadgets You Think You Need, But Don’t

Kitchen gadgets promise to make your life easier and make you look good in the kitchen. Some promise to save time. Others to make your food taste delicious AF. But some of those promises are SUS. I mean, do you REALLY need a pie bird to make your blueberry pie taste better? And what TF actually is a pie bird?

Before you invest in that tool you think you need, check out our tips for tools you really don’t need. You’ll be money ahead AND avoid a cluttered kitchen. You’re welcome!

Tools You Really Don’t Need

Want the 411 on which tools to avoid? Read on! 

Asparagus Steamer

This gadget takes up space and does nothing that your flat pan can’t do. Stick with a multi-purpose steamer basket or pan roasting them in the oven to save space and dinero. 

Banana Slicer, Hot Dog Slicer, Strawberry Slicer, and Avocado Slicer

No, no, no, and no. Useless and redundant are just two words to describe these gadgets, which can be replaced with a simple knife.

Bread Maker

Bulky, awkward, and limited, this is a good idea but completely unnecessary (unless you don’t have a built-in oven). 

Meat Shredding Claws

Overgrown forks may look cool but they don’t do more than their smaller counterparts and waste valuable space. Our suggestion: put them back!

Popcorn Popper

Wasted cupboard space, no savings, and lackluster flavor. Stick with Jiffy Pop or your favorite brand of microwave popcorn. 

Corn Kernel Stripper

Teeth and a good kitchen knife will both do the trick so save your cash for a new pair of shoes!

Electric Wine Opener

Corkscrews win in every category from effectiveness, to ease of use, to space savings, to tradition. Keep your wine-snob street cred and use your savings to buy a great cab. 

Pie Bird

Yep, it’s a thing. No, not a thing you need. Pie birds are a thing of the past for a reason. They really just serve as countertop decor. 

Tuna Press

Promising to help you drain the can of tuna (or beans, or corn, or … ) easily, this gadget doesn’t do anything that the built-in lid doesn’t do. Our advice: stick with the lid.

Quesadilla Maker

Unless you don’t have a stove and pan, there’s really no need to invest in this gizmo. 

Taco Holder

Save money and space, by assembling your tacos as you go and eating any insides that fall with a fork. This is simply useless. 

Countertop Pizza Oven

These single-use gadgets have a big footprint and don’t do anything special to improve the flavor or experience. Stick with the oven you already have and enjoy! 

Warming Ice Cream Scoop 

Warming ice cream scoops promise to make it easy to serve even the hardest ice cream with thermodynamic hocus-pocus. Interesting idea, running a standard ice-cream scoop under warm water accomplishes the same thing.

The Final 411

Cooking tools don’t replace kitchen smarts. It may be fun to look at the shiny objects on the television or in the store but don’t get suckered into breaking the bank on tools you don’t need. Before you make your next purchase ask yourself: Will this make my food taste better or save me REAL time? If the answer is no, put it down and step away!

Have your own tips for tools you don’t need? Share your tips in the comments section below!